You can’t scroll more than a few pictures before coming across a selfie (go ahead, try… our max score was four). These days, people aren’t scared to turn the camera on themselves, but what about on their sense of design? What would it mean to ask a designer to share an image of a space that best reflect themselves? What’s their “designer selfie?”

We asked that question of 11 of our favorite designers who embody an array of different styles. Below, you’ll see everything from brightly lacquered walls to elegantly restrained monochromatic spaces, all with personal self expression in mind. See what these talented creatives had to say about their “design self portraits” and imagine what your most revealing space might look like.

Design by Young Huh. Photo by John Bessler.

Young Huh

“This living room for an amazing client is the perfect embodiment of my work and design philosophy. We used a lot of pattern and color but in a judicious way, so the overall effect is layered and interesting, yet still very peaceful and calm. With the number of different patterns and colors it’s a very subtle nod to maximalism, but not overwhelming. This space also includes a mix of old and new, masculine and feminine, while having a touch of romance. When I walk into this room I have the same feelings as when I put on a fabulous dress: excitement, romance, and like I’m living in a little fantasy—I love creating a mood, a thought, or a feeling through design.”

Annette English
Design by Annette English. Photo by Grey Crawford.

Annette English

“I love working with the surrounding landscape and discovering the harmony between the outdoors, the architecture, and the interior spaces unique to each home. Creating this home in the Pacific Palisades was all about finding balance. A wide range of natural materials and textiles add warmth to the modern architecture. Large steel windows take full advantage of the California sunshine, while materials like quartz, agate, and rock crystal in the large, modern light fixture bring natural elements into the space. The chandelier also acts as a counterweight to balance the height of the cathedral-like ceilings. Meanwhile, contemporary pieces and vintage accents coexist beautifully, all adhering to a monochromatic palette brought to life with pops of color. All together, these elements result in a space that is bold, unique, and the fulfillment of a dream.”

Elizabeth Stamos
Design by Elizabeth Stamos. Photo by Dustin Halleck.

Elizabeth Stamos

“I think this living room represents our firm’s style pretty well. It speaks to our mantra of ‘timeless designs full of balance:’ the push and pull of antique furniture mixed with modern pieces; natural textures balanced with bolder patterns and colors. The patterns are a nod to my love of color and travel, and nothing is too precious. Beauty and comfort can coexist and we keep that livability in mind when designing our spaces. Homes are meant to be lived in and this space embodies that for my young family!”

Alessandra Santopietro
Design by Alessandra Santopietro. Photo by Jonathan Beckerman Photography.

Alessandra Santopietro

“One of my favorite projects is this model residence designed for the Four Seasons in Downtown Manhattan. It embodies my personal design style of classic details coupled with feminine elegance and modern shapes that combine to create a sophisticated and relaxing space.”

The Design Atelier
Design by The Design Atelier

Melanie Millner, The Design Atelier

“This luxurious living room in an Aspen vacation home demonstrates our style through the level of detail and customizations in the design. We approach every design with an understanding of how our clients want to live in their home, so the intent was to create a multifunctional space to host family gatherings yet feel intimate enough to relax with a few friends. Crafting this narrative was achieved by establishing two seating areas, placing sofas back-to-back, and sourcing materials that were inspired by the home’s natural surroundings. This space reflects a collaborative vision with our clients to achieve an aesthetic that is as timeless and refined as it is comfortable and livable.”

Amanda Nisbet
Design by Amanda Nisbet. Photo by Brittany Ambridge.

Amanda Nisbet

“This image exemplifies my aesthetic as it has real depth with personality, unique textures, and sumptuous layers. I mixed personal objects, custom items, and found treasures that the client and I purchased together. It isn’t a uniform space, but is instead deeply personal. The client really shines through, which is my ultimate goal!”

Celia Welch
Design by Celia Welch Interiors

Celia Welch

“This project is one of my favorites because it reflects our core philosophy of simplicity and ease. It depicts our love of creating light-filled spaces, working with neutrals, and incorporating a range of textures to add interest, depth, and warmth. When our client purchased this townhouse, it was closed in, dark, and dated. We were able to transform it into an open, light-filled, serene modern oasis. This would not have been possible without her trust, an integral part of the process for us. Our goal was also to infuse her vibrant personality into the space — and to do that, we included some whimsical, fun pieces throughout.”

MODTAGE design
Design by Gretchen Murdock, MODTAGE Design. Photo by Christopher Stark.

Gretchen Murdock, MODTAGE Design

“For the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, we were able to dream up the perfect MODTAGE space, a styling room dedicated to my grandmother and fittingly named ‘A Day in Her Shoes.’ This room is a combination of all things we love: pattern, texture, clean modern lines mixed with vintage finds, inspiration from our travels, and a well-thought-out color palette.”

Design by 2Michaels Design. Photo by Trevor Tondro.

Jayne Michaels, 2Michaels Design

“I’m pretty sure Joan would agree that this room represents us the most. We designed this space for the Kips Bay Showhouse entitled ‘Urban Sanctuary.’  Both of us are drawn to the ethereal qualities in life… light, air, and a certain purity. We worked around the clock to capture its essence. Eggs, birds, flight, rebirth, and life.”

Deniece Duscheone
Design by Deniece Duscheone. Photo by Christopher Stark.

Deniece Duscheone

“Where the scotch is aged, but the style is not. Our aesthetic has often been referred to as Alexander McQueen meets interiors… and so we toast to that! It’s all about the story of the space — our goal is to evoke emotion yet keep it grounded with a natural sensibility. That’s the method to our madness. We create experiences of depth and dial up the mood an octave or two.”

Design by Meg Lonergan. Photo by Par Bengtsson

Meg Lonergan

“This is my family’s living room and one of the most authentic reflections of who I am and what I love! It’s a playful mix of palette and style and speaks to my passion for interiors that are both stylish and insanely comfortable. I was born in South Louisiana and spent years living abroad in Singapore, New Zealand, and France. Those experiences gave me an appreciation for fine art and furnishings that share a story, which is what I feel the elements in this room do so well.”

February 26, 2021

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