Think that wicker chairs are only for the sunroom, conservatory, or porch? While wicker outdoor furniture might dominate the collective subconscious, wicker has been slowly migrating indoors for decades. Beloved for its ability to lighten and brighten a room, designers are inclined to weave wicker chairs into virtually any interior space these days, from the living room to the dining room! And no, before you ask, wicker needn’t bicker with other materials like leather or traditional wood. The secret to pulling it off? Choosing the right wicker chairs to fit your aesthetic. Ahead, we spotlight an assortment of wicker chairs, plus provide tricks and tips for where they work best, so you can add to your wicker wishlist wisely. 

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Organic modern dining room with molded wicker dining chairs
Design by Martha Mulholland Interior Design / Photo by Ye Rin Mok

Molded wicker chairs

Key among wicker’s best traits is its ability to assume gravity-defying shapes. In fact, the original Danish Modernists often used it in lieu of plywood (they’re usual weapon of choice) because of the arresting shapes it could uphold. Molded wicker chairs are ideal for modern interiors where you want to touch of texture. Consider designs like Nanna Ditzel’s Hanging Egg chair or Poul Kjærholm’s Pk22 chair for Fritz Hansen. Both are sleek as can be, but their wicker texture adds a whole other element of intrigue. 

Wisconsin Lake Home with Farmhouse Style: Rustic Wicker on the Sun Porch
Design by Bardes Interiors / Photo by Chris Davis

Victorian wicker chairs 

If classic outdoor wicker chairs have your heart, don’t fight it. These wicker essentials might not showcase the daredevil qualities of molded wicker seats, but they’re prime for evoking garden glamour, and in some cases that’s just what a room needs. Originating in Victorian times, the outdoor wicker chair possesses the era’s elegant air, typically featuring a barrel back and scrolled arms. Many feature a mix of dense wicker weaving and looser, crochet-style fretwork. The effect makes them feel lightweight, visually, so don’t hesitate to use these chairs in multiples. 

Abstract orange wallpaper is complemented by light blue wicker chairs.
Design by Gil Walsh Interiors / Photo by Kim Sargent Photography

Coastal wicker chairs

What makes a coastal wicker chair? In truth, with the right finish, any wicker seat can be beach-ready. If coastal chic is your goal, consider a wicker seat in a light, natural finish with more white than gold undertones. Gray-washed wicker or painted wicker are options as well. Suit up a set of chairs in white paint to conjure the calming powers of the coast. Other colors like turquoise and coral can be used to summon the more tropical side of the seaside spectrum. 

NYC Greenwich Village Pied a Terre with vintage wicker chair
Design by Margaret Costello Interiors / Photo by Carley Page Photography

Peacock wicker chairs 

Originating in the Victorian times and undergoing several revivals since then, the peacock chair is a wicker wunderkid. Featuring a flared, throne-like back and a narrow pedestal seat, the peacock chair possesses a captivating regality. Designers love using these showy statement chairs to evoke a bohemian joie de vivre. Use one as the crown jewel in a maximalist interior, or use one as the sole statement piece in an otherwise minimalist environment.   

Wicker armchairs provide comfortable seating in this room with patterned walls.
Design by Gil Wash Interiors / Photo by Kim Sargent

Wicker club chairs 

If the club chair’s pro-comfort silhouette speaks to you, but the leather upholstery makes the entire thing feel a bit too masculine for your tastes, consider a wicker club chair. Like a tie-breaker sent from above, the wicker club chair partners the club chair’s throne-like silhouette with breezy wicker construction. The result is a chair that feels perfect for teaming with airy linens, nickel fixtures, and glossy green palm fronds. For a more traditional take, consider styling them in a British Colonial manner.  

Malibu Spanish Colonial, Living Room featuring boho wicker & modern elements
Design by Interiors Archeology / Photo by Joe Schmelzer Treasurbite Studio, Inc.

Trompe l’oeil wicker chairs 

Wicker’s pliableness makes it perfect for procuring the playful, ghost-like silhouettes that dominate trompe l’oeil design. Whether it’s a wicker trompe l’oeil chair with a scalloped apron or a draped skirt, these pieces evoke a romantic, carefree air that’s a befitting counterpart to English cottage-inspired interiors as well as youthful, contemporary-feeling interiors. Use a set of these wicker dining chairs around a tablecloth-clad table, or team one with a Lucite waterfall desk in a lighthearted home office. 

Apartment kitchen with light blue gray cabinets and dining table center island with wicker bistro chairs
Design by Brockschmidt & Coleman / Photo by Paul Costello

Wicker Bistro chairs 

Add Parisian appeal to your kitchen or dining room with wicker bistro chairs. These woven seats generally feature arched backs and rattan-style legs. The simple design makes these chairs amazingly versatile. Pair them with French-inspired interiors, as well as coastal, nautical or Palm Beach regency-inspired looks. Designers are particularly fond of using these wicker chairs as counter stools. Their open backs and lightweight construction means they won’t visually weigh down a kitchen — with the added benefit: they aren’t heavy enough to scratch precious wood floors. 

Brick patio with Kingsley Bate wicker chairs - design by Sophia Shibles
Design by Sophia Shibles Interiors / Photo by Chip Riegel

Outdoor Wicker Chairs

So what if you want to use wicker in the usual fashion — i.e. al fresco? Wicker chairs’ outdoor pedigree can’t be ignored, and, in turn, they’re an inspired pick no matter what your outdoor landscape looks like. Choose a wicker set that complements your outdoor aesthetic just as you would indoors.

One distinction when it comes to outdoor wicker? Maintenance. You’ll want to invest in keeping up your chairs so that they don’t fade or break. For the biggest impact, purchase chair covers. Sun can quickly fade natural wicker, so if you want to keep your chairs pristine, covers are worth the splurge. 

Beyond that, keep your wicker looking good by regularly vacuuming it with a brush attachment. For dust that’s particularly stubborn, apply a solution composed of soap and water with a toothbrush. Rinse with a damp cloth and give it a few hours before you sit to avoid stretching. Another option is to employ a can of compressed air to stubborn, stuck-on grime. A few puffs, and you’ll be good to go.

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Lead photo design by Margaret Costello Interiors / Photo by Carley Page Photography


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January 31, 2023

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