Who doesn’t love a good comeback story? From the decorative china to travertine, we’re always thrilled to see an oldie-but-goodie come roaring back. So what niche pieces are we secretly rooting for to star in their own second act? We recently chatted it out with our editors to get the scoop on what pieces they’d love to see resurrected. From card tables to ship motifs, these are the niche pieces that our editors are secretly hoarding and are currently flying — blissfully — under the radar!


Bubble gum pink living room with forest green sectional and bright yellow sofa.
Design by Michael K Chen Architecture / Photo by Alan Tansey

Togo Sofas

With all of the recent interest in postmodern design, we think it’s time to the Togo got its due. Designed by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset in the 1970s, these innovative and dramatic sofas transformed seating. Through hand sewing and layers of foam, Ducaroy successfully created one of the first modular couches without a frame. With ergonomic support and comfortable cushioning, these sofas are the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a cozy conversation pit without having to break ground.

Light blue, trendy parlor room with white fireplace and beige card table.
Designed by Jasmin Reese Interiors / Photo by Michael Alan Kaskel

Card Tables

Think card tables are only for grandmas who play bridge? Think again! Card tables are a great addition to any family room or game room. While we love a traditional felt-topped game table, our curators are especially enamored with 1960s and 70s Parsons designs as of late. Whether crafted from Lucite, laminate, or another lacquered material, these tables are the epitome of luxe —— with a touch of funk. Of course, card tables are an ideal choice for any game lovers; however, a sturdy card table can double as interesting accent table or a quaint side table.

Designer Betsy Burnham hung a pink and purple abstract painting over a traditional stone fireplace
Design by Betsy Burnham / Photo by Sarah Dorio

Contemporary Abstract Paintings

While abstract paintings have never gone out, per se, they have taken a backseat to large-scale photography over the years. Hence, our editors think these high-impact pieces are ripe for a comeback. Abstract paintings have existed throughout history as works of art that utilize visual language to communicate meaning. Contemporary abstract paintings dive even deeper into that visual language. Through bright, engaging shapes, forms, colors, and lines, contemporary abstract art creates thought-provoking paintings that enrapture viewers. Rather than shy away from these mind-boggling works of art, try displaying them in a prominent space in your home to spark conversation and serve as a reminder to stay creative!

Whimsical office designed by Liklly Bunn featuring a crystal ship chandelier
Design by Lilly Bunn / Photo by Nicole Franzen


Get ready to invest in ships! With the recent popularity of the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic, ships are making waves of late. While traditional ships’ natural hues and white sails meld seamlessly into soothing coastal shades of browns, blues, and whites, our curators are loving the idea of dropping ships into unexpected settings as well. A ship chandelier, for instance, is an ideal way to insert an Old World touch into a new world interior without going overboard.

Lead image design by Jasmin Reese Interiors / Photo by Michael Alan Kaskel


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August 9, 2022

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