When it comes to design, we hunt down the most unique accent chairs, and seek out one-of- a-
kind area rugs, but what about our tableware? If plain white china has you stifling back a yawn,
consider this: mismatched china. Shedding its airs of prim tea parties and bridal shower
brunches, mismatched china is emerging as a bold new way to embrace the blossoming interior
maximalist trend—and add an element of pure, unadulterated fun to the dinner table! Discover
three ways to embrace the look, plus pro tips for mixing up a set!


Start with Dessert
If the idea of overhauling your dinnerware has you feeling hesitant, ease in with a simple set of
mismatched dessert plates. Because dessert is typically served once your dinner plates have
been whisked away to the sink, mix-and- match dessert plates make it easy to test-drive the
trend without feeling like you have to full-on commit to it. If you do have plain white dinner
plates, however, you might consider a set of mismatched bread plates, which can be relatively
easy to mix into the main course.

Invest in a Set
Yes, white dishes have a certain practicality, but if you already own a set of those, a sprawling
set of mismatched china can be a fun option to have in the wings. We personally can’t think of
anything more elevating to the everyday than being able to pluck unique plate after unique
plate from the cabinet for everything from weekday dinners to dinner parties.

Wall Art—Plated-Style
There’s no denying that decorated china can feel like art, so by all means go for it and try
mounting a set of mismatched china as wall art! Just add plate hangers and presto. Consider a
mix of blue and white ironstone plates if you’re looking for a proper but quirky feel, or floral-
edged plates if your style is more whimsical and femme. We’re a fan of odd numbers, just

Mismatched Classic Blue and White China Plates in Floral Patterns and Chinoiserie on Chairish
Want to Mix and Match Your Own Set? Here’s How to Do It!
Laurie Mullins, the owner of Golden Vine Designs, perfectly curated some mix-and- match china
sets just for Chairish! But, if you’re looking to embrace your inner plate mixologist, Laurie
shares her tips on how to match up a winning set.

#1: Follow a Color Code
Identify what will be your mismatched set’s ground color. “I like to match whites with whites
and ivory with ivory,” Laurie says. As for patterns, “select patterns with the same color values
or intensity,” she advises. Even more simply stated: avoid mixing bold colors with pastels.

#2: Choose Patterns that Play Nice
“I find that mixing up small patterns with larger overall patterns gives the most pleasing look,”
says Laurie. She also advises that a theme may help tie patterns together. Not sure what to look
for? Rose buds, birds, castles and hunt scenes are a few of Laurie’s favorite themes.

#3: Mind Your Materials
Among the easiest rules to overlook when curating mix-and- match china, (but definitely among
the most important): keep a tight edit on the material you choose for your dishes. “I don’t
typically mix porcelain with ironstone,” Laurie reveals. “I like to keep the materials similar in


October 20, 2017

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