Armoires can get a rap as archaic. But really? These workhorses are anything but. Reimagined, armoires can be the answer to many of life’s perplexing questions, such as, how does one create a craft room in a studio apartment? Read on to discover why you should absolutely have a vintage armoire in your home! 

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They can be organization central

Think about how you might make use of a linen closet or pantry that suddenly appeared out of thin air, and that’s good indication of how you might make use of an armoire. Essentially a large, free-standing closet, armoires can be fashioned as a place to instate organization with baskets or hooks to bring order to unwieldy appliances. In a kitchen, use one to add function to a pantry-less kitchen, or one with a lack of cabinets. If the idea of an antique French armoire feels too formal for a kitchen, consider rustic designs that have more in common with traditional kitchen cabinetry.  

They can hide unsightly electronics 

In the 1990s, entertainment armoires were all the rage. While they fell out of vogue with the rise of the flatscreen TV, the concept is one worthy of a revival, if you ask us. Use one to camouflage a smaller screen TV in a bedroom. In the best case scenarios, and armoire will cost you about the same as a Samsung Frame TV. The obvious bonus, however? Your armoire runs no risk of breaking and putting you out a grand and a half to buy a new one. 

They can support a hobby 

If you live in a home with limited bedrooms, a room dedicated to a hobby like crafting or sewing can seem like a distant dream. An armoire, however, given its ample size, can offer an enticing alternative. Use an armoire with upper shelving to stow bulky equipment like a sewing machine, fabric rolls, wrapping paper rolls, or a 3D printer. Bottom drawers can be allotted to smaller items like ribbon, measuring tapes, and scissors. For a full work station, a slide-out desk leaf can be installed under existing shelving. Simply add a task chair and you’re in business. 

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October 26, 2022

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