See the 11 Decor Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2019

The year 2019 is coming in hot. So, what trends will be stealing hearts in the months to come? With the help of our fabulous co-founder Anna Brockway, we’ve rounded up 11 trends that will be dominating your IG feeds and shopping baskets in 2019. From all things animal print to a focus on fringe, these are the biggest design trends you need to have on your radar!

Design by Sarah Bartholomew / Photo by David Hillegas

Animal Print Rugs

This year you can expect to take a walk on the wild side—literally. “In lockstep with fashion trends, animalia inspired rugs are heating up,” says Anna, who notes that the trend includes not only animal print rugs, but animal-shape rugs as well. Among the most compelling reasons to dive into animal rugs? They feel equal parts traditional and edgy, making them easy to integrate into virtually any space.

David Duncan Livingston/Adeeni Design Group

Trims & Fringe

Insiders know that there’s no quicker way to chic things up than a bolt of fringe. “Fringe and trim bring feminine chic and ‘decorator polish’ to statement pieces,” says Anna, who appreciates a bit of fringe and trim on anything from sofas to napkins. To make fringe feel extra lush, pair it with punchy-colored upholstery, or even printed upholstery for a true maximalist moment.

Photo by Sarah Dorio

Wall Sculptures

Expect wall sculpture to get a refresh in 2019, with the metal wall sculptures from the 70s being switched out for more colorful constructs. “We’re loving geometric, punchy, 3D wall sculpture as a fresh way to make a bold statement,” says Anna. A focus on color and shapes means that this new generation of wall sculpture will make a strong impact on walls, similar to the bold geometrics of 2018.

Photo by Sarah Dorio

Head Vessels & Vases

Taking a cue from another hot trend from 2018: portraiture, Anna predicts that head-shaped holders will be a 2019 fave. “From vintage to new, we’ve been seeing an increase in interest in face vases and vessels,” says Anna. Like a portrait, a head vase will imbue any room with wit, while its 3D nature adds a cool factor. Look for a piece that will suit your personal style, since vintage and new head vase options run the gamut, from minimalist to traditional.

Photo by Lesley Unruh

Pop Art

It’s time to fire up The Factory, because pop art is back! “Pop art’s bright, ironic commentary and playful take on commercial imagery has never felt more relevant,” says Anna. Thanks to pop art’s saturated palettes and unexpected color match-ups, a Warhol or Hockney is the perfect way to merge the reigning maximalist obsession with more minimal furnishings. Even a mod sofa and pillows upholstered in colors pulled from pop art will impart maximalist-level drama, making the entire set-up feel cutting-edge.

Photo by Francesco Lagnese / OTTO

Maximalist Table

You might want to allow yourself a smidge more time for setting the table in 2019, because from where we’re standing, it’s shaping up to be a maximalist affair! “More is more is more is more!” says Anna. “When it comes to tabletop, it’s time to go nuts! Bring on the prints, a melange of textures, playful flora and fauna, and over-the-top accents. Chairish shoppers know a maximalist table is always in style.” To make your maximalist spread feel especially timely, focus on jewel tones in an unexpected paring of colors.

Design by Sarah Wittenbraker / Photo by Wynn Meyers

Minimalist Sculptural Lighting

While it’s not time for the starburst chandelier to leave the building entirely, it is time for it to make way for minimalist sculptural lighting. “This throwback look is an ode to European modernism,” says Anna. “Black and white makes it understated, while the sculptural element add depth and geometry,” she adds. Pair it with otherwise traditional furnishings to really make this trend pop.

Design by Nick Olsen Design / Photo by Reid Rolls


If there’s one thing to know about 2019, it’s that boring walls will not be taken lying down. To further battle ho-hum walls, look for scenic screens and framed scenic panels to earn rave marks this year. “We’re loving scenic screens and framed panels that act as a sophisticated complement to contemporary, modernist, and traditional pieces,” says Anna. As Anna points out scenics and screens can work with virtually any style to add a dose of well-tempered drama.

Photo by Sarah Dorio

Modern Ribbon Motif

With its organic shape and graphic appeal, the ribbon motif has long been due for a revisit. “This year, we’re seeing a modern take on the ribbon motif in art, furniture, sculpture, and more,” says Anna. “It’s a very postmodern interpretation of a feminine motif.” In addition to new pieces touting ribbon motifs, it’s also worth seeking out some vintage post-modern chair classics by designers like Oliver Mourgue and Pierre Paulin. Upholstered in a jewel tone-colored fabric these pieces will feel prepped for 2019 and beyond.

Design by Shelley Johnstone Design / Photo by Tony Soluri


We’re not bidding adieu to jewel tones yet, but paprika treads just the right balance between gemstone appeal and something new and fresh. “When done right, paprika hued accents add a sophisticated pop of color to liven up a space,” says Anna, who loves the hue when applied to a plush mohair pillow or a velvet upholstered accent chair. Paprika is also an unexpected wall color choice. It’s among our favorites for making a white light light fixture or white piece of furniture pop.

Deign by Jesse Parris Lamb / Photo by Nicole Franzen

Turkish Ottomans & Benches

If you’re ready to swap your Moroccan pouf for something a bit  more refined, say hello to Turkish ottomans and benches. “A chic and sophisticated upgrade to the tired look of floor pillows, stacked Turkish ottomans are a haute bohemian hit,” says Anna. In minimalist digs, opt for a Turkish ottoman in a solid velvet or mohair. Don’t be afraid to double up for the sake of symmetry, either! In more ornate settings, look for ottomans with tassels or printed textile upholstery.

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Lead image by David Duncan Livingston/Adeeni Design Group


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