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Spanish style vintage furniture creates the perfect blend of sophistication and relaxation, for a classy but homey atmosphere. With influences from the surrounding Mediterranean region, Spanish style shares many similar elements with French Country, Tuscan, and Moroccan. Spanish coastlines inspire palettes filled with light blues, greens, and white, while warm desert climates evoke warmer tones like terracotta reds, oranges, and browns. To achieve the beautiful Spanish style in your own home, incorporate elements of stone and ceramics and pay special attention to the little details, such as using wrought iron curtain poles and door handles. Choose decorative pillows and upholsteries in light, airy materials, and balance those with dark wood furniture. Although the Spanish style is highly ornamental, keep the major furniture pieces simple with sturdy designs and add interest with accessories like candle holders and pottery. The Spanish style has also intermixed with many different global influences over time, resulting in new variations on the style. Spanish Colonial style (also known as Mission style) was born from the mix of Spanish culture brought by colonists and the local Native American culture. These designs are often more rustic, featuring beige, red, and pink tones. Spanish Revival style, on the other hand, takes the classic Spanish elements like adobe bricks and stucco walls and mixes it with materials like leather and brass.