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British Colonial

Whether you’ve been an Anglophile all your life or your sudden fascination with all thing Brit is all thanks to The Crown (Oliva Colman is so amazing!), adding some spectacular British Colonial furniture to your digs is one sure way to posh things up (yes, we totally said posh in a British accent. Swoon). Colonial style furniture is intricate and just so darn gorgeous. Pick up a hand-carved and painted wedding trunk to use as a coffee table or buy some vintage British Colonial teak chairs to set off your porch—the design ideas are just too delicious to opt for just one, if you ask us! Colonial furniture can be used to create a variety of ambience—bookish, bohemian, elegant, extravagant you name it! Be it a four-poster bed or iconic British Colonial Windsor chairs, British Colonial furniture speaks of grace and poise, while also being whimsical and comfortable. British Colonial furniture straddles the past and the present, adding a touch of magic to your space. So, if you’re feeling burnt out on sectional living and are looking for something just a little more mannerly, try a vintage British Colonial cane and wood seating set or a duo of plantation chairs. Each one’s a classic and sure to make your space look like a million bucks. Love the look of British Colonial furniture, but looking for something even more ornate? Check out our stunning assortment of Spanish Colonial furniture.