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Gently Used, Vintage, and Antique Baroque Furniture

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The Baroque period brings up the names of musical greats like Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel, but let’s not forget about the absolutely stunning furniture designs of the era. Although it’s difficult to attribute specific designers to Baroque furniture, this certainly hasn’t stopped anyone from relishing in the grandeur that is, the Baroque style. A quick glance at our collection of Baroque furniture and you’ll definitely notice lots of gold. That’s because Baroque furniture was used as a status symbol, so the aristocrats of France were not afraid to hold back and indulge in gilt-wood. Cabinetmakers would use oak, walnut, chestnut, or ebony to create the basic structure of case goods, and then carve exotic woods like rosewood and sandalwood to add ornamentation. One of the most defining features of Baroque furniture is turned, pedestal feet and curved legs, resulting in elegant, feminine silhouettes. You’ll probably find a lot of foliage motifs throughout Baroque furniture, with flowers and leaves climbing up the edges of mirrors and cabinets. A further sign of their mastery in woodwork, elaborate marquetry can be found on the faces of everything from desks to dressers. As for upholstery, brace yourself for plenty of rich velvets and damasks that take luxury to a whole new level. While you probably won’t be creating a full-on Baroque aesthetic in your home, using a couple pieces of Baroque furniture can add a touch of period elegance. Our favorite easy way to do this is with a lavish Baroque mirror and console table!