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Welcome to WOOZ Style. Thank you for visiting my shop. Stay as long as you like!

As you browse you will find I live in a part of the country where I can get vintage items at lower costs from estate sales and antique shops - especially furniture and lighting/lamps. I pass on these great deals resulting in lower prices. Please do not think the quality is less because it’s not. It’s my 2nd year on Chairish and I try very hard to represent the quality of an item as accurately as possible. All items are looking for a good home...so make an offer. I send a counter offer for you to consider when I can’t accept. To get the best prices, FOLLOW my shop so you get my Private Sales where I offer the biggest discounts. The Follow button is at the top of my Shop page in the upper right. It’s a black box to click. Please tell your friends and family about WOOZ Style. You will see new items every week. If you’re looking for something specific, send an ASK THE SELLER....using any item....just to get me the information. I’ll work to find it for you. Thank you for visiting WOOZ Style. HAPPY VINTAGE SHOPPING!