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Vikash Jha


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Vikash Jha is one of today’s leading contemporary abstract expressionist artist. Renowned for his brilliant use of color, cross-cultural imageries and multilayered painting techniques; each canvas transports his viewers into a place of contemplation and meditation evoking feelings of joy, exuberance, and awe. Vikash Jha can be likened to artists such as Mark Rothko, Pablo Picasso, Willem de Kooning, and Robert Rauschenberg for his approach to his content, individualistic style and, depth of painting techniques.

Vikash displays innate ability and commitment to showcase his understanding and appreciation of transcendental visual expressions through his works. Now Vikash is boldly stepping into this uncharted territory which is guided by his philosophy that "Art is my nirvana and I believe it could be the same for each one of us, guiding us through life's crests and troughs!"

His close first-hand experiences with both western and eastern cultures have given him the conviction that women and children constitute the foundation and future of the world. Vikash's contributions towards education, physical and emotional well-being and his encouragement for them to adopt artistic endeavors is wherein lies his hope to usher underprivileged children towards living a more happy and fulfilling life.

Vikash Jha was born and raised in India. Early on, his non conforming parents implored Vikash to follow the pursuit of happiness. This encouraged Vikash to go on his own path of deep study during his formative years. Every Saturday & Sunday Vikash attended a specialized art school learning the formal techniques of the masters and honing his artistic voice.

Vikash later immigrated to the USA and went to the world's most recognized institutions Harvard University and MIT for specialized programs. One might call his pursuits relentless, yet Vikash states he simply cares to observe the world around him with an open mind and eternal joy. Vikash leads a dynamic career driven by Inter-disciplinary skills he learned as a boy in India.

Vikash Jha is leaving a remarkable stamp on the world of hope, prosperity and beauty through each work of art. As Vikash grew in life and art, his mother approached him while working on his canvas to fondly inform her son, “You possess a strong command onto your canvas. I believe this is your divine path.”

Each artist has a Big Bang! Since 2017 Vikash has steadily climbed some of the most highly regarded exhibitions and private global placements. His works have been accepted into exhibitions at Sotheby’s Fine Art auction house, World Trade Center - New York City (NYC) and numerous other NYC galleries and venues. Vikash is a joy to collect and an artist to keep your eye on.

Most recently, he won a very positive review from the Pulitzer Award-winning art critic, Jerry Saltz for one of his works.