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Let me share my treasures with you! I only buy and sell what I love, and I am particularly infatuated with hand-painted antiques and safari themed items. If you like my style, let me do the research and shop for the deals so you don’t have to. Feel free to make me an offer or ask me any questions!

I will be honest and open with you in regards to what I know about the item, how I priced it, etc. . There will be times when I’m asking more for an item just because I don’t want to sell it for any less. But MANY of the things I’ve bought below market value and I plan to pass that deal on to you! If I don’t mention in the listing anything about how it has been priced and you’re curious about that just let me know.

Please come back later. I have 50 more items to list right now and I’m purchasing new items all the time. It takes time to post these! My goal is to post a new item every day until they are all up.

Thank you for visiting my store!