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The boutique firm is guided by Tracy's unique and extraordinary vision. The Design Style of Tracy Murdock, a self-taught interior designer, is the blending of decades of a life richly lived… as only few do. It is daring and bold, classic and conservative, it is not just one design style, but many. Tracy has the unique talent upon meeting a new client, of visualizing how they want to live and proposing the best ways for them to achieve it.

The transition to interior design was a natural one for Tracy, having developed a highly distinct and personal style through modeling and fashion. It is no surprise how well her instincts and keen eye have translated into the world of interior design. She began this training in the 1980's as a model where she caught the professional - and the personal - eye of the late Rodeo Drive men's wear designer and perfumer; Bijan. He immediately signed Tracy to be "the Bijan girl," where she became one of the most recognized faces in international media. She worked closely alongside Bijan for over a decade, producing and conceptualizing many of those often times controversial and award winning ads.

Tracy's education continued with her partnership and marriage to business tycoon David H. Murdock through her involvement with several of Murdock’s hotel, country club and spec home projects in California and on Murdock’s then private Hawaiian Island of Lanai. From there it was only a short and natural step to forming her own design firm. Tracy’s years spent traveling all over the world to faraway and exotic places have only added to the richness and sophistication that comes through in her interiors.