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    HOT Booth's collective pieces have been seen on HGTV, Netflix, Starz, local and national advertising campaigns, bespoke boutiques, and selected by world renown interior designers from coast to coast.

    Dréa & Kelly have known each other for over ten years and have worked side by side on numerous projects within the design industry. Their love and passion for everything vintage has brought them to where they are today. Each with individual small businesses - Kelly being the owner and vintage rug guru behind @saperecollection. Showcasing the uniquely beautiful aesthetic of vintage and antique Persian and Turkish rugs, while also providing education to clients about symbolism, style, tribes, and region embodied in her one of a kind pieces. Dréa is the owner and lead creative behind @eyesofwise. Professionally art directing and styling anything she can get her paws on from interiors to wardrobe design. Her curated vintage clothing collection shows off her multifaceted style and begs to be worn or used in your next photo/video shoot.

    Together, Dréa & Kelly have united for the ultimate creative collab with “HOT Booth.” An eclectic mix of home furnishings that represents both women and their love for vintage goods. They believe in the sustainability of using what already exists in this world and proving to others that old doesn’t mean dull or boring. HOT Booth provides their clients with hand selected furnishings that range from high-end, mid century modern to eclectic bohemian. If these women can’t take their eyes off it, they know it’s something you’ll love too.

    Hit them up with any questions about HOT Booth's current collection. Dréa & Kelly do local rentals for props and/or set design, and also love to source unique pieces for your individual needs. Cheers!