Aarika M.

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    At the age of 9, my grandpa Neil proudly pulled home a wood bench in a wagon, after purchasing for $2 at a neighbors sale, miles down the gravel roads of Forman, ND. That was 1944.

    Up until 85, he cherished that bench which still sits in their back porch.

    In the recent years and since his passing, I’ve uncovered and learned much more about him than I knew growing up decades across the lake from him and my Grandma.

    His love for sunrises and sunsets, jumping in the car for a long drive for last minute adventures, photography, celebrity and movie star moodboards as a teenager, woodworking and adopting furniture from friends and family to give it a new home… all which had unknowingly left a deep impression over time.

    In the nod of representing the familial pull to this project and the tie to vintage or pre-loved goods passed across generations it only feels right to deem it a REUNION.

    Twice a season, I’ll hold a REUNION for you and a collection of furniture x art x objects to “come back together again, as a unified whole, after a period of separation”.

    A percentage of REUNION profits will be donated to charitable organizations empowering arts and social change.