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Founded on the belief that everything we do should electrify the room,
Regina Andrew sparks self-expression and creativity through unforgettable design.

Our roots run deep in the city we call home. Known as the Paris of the Midwest, Detroit style and character (or courage) have shaped who we are, what we make and how we make it. Our pursuit of inspiration has taken us across the earth to discover materials and forms that drive our designs. Crafted with an obsessive attention to detail and a quest to deliver the unexpected, our products, much like the journey that inspired them, have a story.

We design each piece as a labor of love, pouring over each minute detail without compromise. It is the passion for this process that drives our team with equal part cutting-edge innovation and quality craftsmanship that is hallmark to Detroit manufacturing and the RAD spirit.

It comes as no surprise that a brand that already stands out its one-of-a-kind personality in a traditionally faceless industry bring a unforgettable authentic intimacy to its approach to external dealings. Approaching people as human beings with customer service that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch, while going above and beyond to build a very personal connection and long-lasting trust.

When your passion for the environment runs as deep as ours, it’s easy being green. An ever-increasing commitment to work in tandem with nature has led us to award-winning sustainable practices. Our corporate offices and warehouses are 100% solar powered. Not to mention we use as much recycled cardboard as possible and are masters at transforming reclaimed and recycled objects into things of beauty.

Our very first product? A designer doghouse created for a charity fundraiser. Animal lovers to the core, Jimi and Carla have a long-standing partnership with Last Day Dog Rescue and donate 100% of the proceeds from their canine-themed bag collection to the rescue group. The company also supports Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill Industries, The Salvation Army and the American Cancer Society. And because charity starts at home, the RAD team steadfastly supports the Detroit community, supporting local talent, sourcing local materials and improving the lives of those around us in any way we can.

The yin to each other’s yang, this dynamic married duo has a complementary style that creates a perfect balance of grit and grace.

Carla is grace with a cool femininity that she brings to work every day, with her vintage army jacket and beloved dogs always in tow, she guides the creative direction in absolute beautiful harmony. Through her gifted artistic vision, unmistakable style and steadfast resolve Carla is the visual storyteller of RAD.

Accomplished musician, artist, and entrepreneur Jimi leads RAD with rock in his veins and a fierce originality that is very much a reflection of the city he calls home. He will often be found on a new adventure, stretching the boundaries of inspiration and design. He brings beautiful ingenuity and an endless flow of energy, while rocking the belief that anything is possible.