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  1. Image of Giancarlo Vegni "Rolling-2b" Oval Table, Italy, Early 21st Century For Sale
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Rachel Simone is dedicated to collaboratively creating high-quality, lifestyle-driven spaces, the very essence of the founders’ mission and values. Rachel approaches design from an intimately personal level. Her distinguishing approach when creating a space is the time, care, and attention that she dedicates toward getting to know and understand each one of her clients’ needs and what makes them most comfortable and at home. This is what sets Rachel Simone apart from other design firms. In less than five years, the company has built a diverse portfolio that includes everything from carefully orchestrated residences with signature details, to pragmatic solutions for investment properties, to contextually sensitive and lifestyle-branded commercial projects in New York City, San Francisco, Napa and South Beach.“As an Interior Designer, I value creating beautiful spaces within the best practices of design, understanding lifestyle, and wellness. I listen to understand what excites my clients, reflects their lifestyle as well as what they dream of being surrounded by. I design by creating solutions that equally take into account my client's functional needs as well as their aesthetic preference to bring balance and harmony to their home. In each design I pay close attention to the details and finishing touches which truly enrich their living experience. My goal for each client is for them to love interacting with the spaces we create collaboratively and enjoy them together with the people who mean most.”One of the fastest growing names in the interior design industry, Rachel Simone combines technically-driven aesthetic sensibility and methodological implementation to create a unique voice for each project.