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Pernille Snedker Hansen founded Snedker Studio,, a contemporary design studio based in Copenhagen, and specializes in handcrafted surfaces and commissioned artworks.
In collaboration with natural phenomena and inspired by traditional craft techniques, Pernille Snedker Hansen transforms drops of paint into immersive artworks.

About the artist's process and work -
In search of visual phenomena in nature like structures of wood, grain, patterns of growth, Pernille Snedker Hansen sets out to experiment with techniques to imitate and magnify nature.
A culmination of years of experimentation and development, Pernille has re-purposed the traditional craft of marbling.

Slowly she drips beautiful colours onto the surface of the water in a basin. Observing the color flow on the water surface, waiting for form to become, letting the process grow into shape and compose the content of the artwork. Pernille works directly with its fluid nature to enhance material and create form.

On eye-level, one can see colour, consistency of paint, and beautiful composition of colours, where lines break and come together again. Pernille Snedker Hansen’s art is mesmerizing, supernatural and stunning. It draws the viewer into it, closer and closer as if the lines of colour and emerged shapes are still moving, yet not fixed in its solid materiality. As if one still can see every colour seeping on to it–drip by drip by drip.