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I love the idea of giving new life to beautiful things that would otherwise be forgotten instead of buying everything new. I also love the idea of my own home being unique and individual, filled with one of a kind items that visitors enjoy seeing. .

Our gallery offers an eclectic collection of artfully crafted and carefully curated treasures for your home. We strive to create or find exceptional items that add character and interest to your home design. We love to offer you unique one of a kind items that can not only transform a room but also start some great conversations.

A little about myself : I have loved beautiful and artistic things my entire life. I grew up in a family of artists surrounded by art of many different mediums. I suppose I was a strange child, drawing and designing was an obsession and as a preteen I asked for a subscription to Architectural Digest when all my friends were reading teen magazines. I started trying to reproduce beautiful things I saw on those mesmerizing pages. A local designer saw some of my creations and asked me to bring some of my pieces into their shop and gallery. Since then I have had my pieces in galleries and shops in several areas of the United States. Although I do paint paintings, furniture is my favorite "canvas". I love turning good quality vintage pieces into unique one of a kind works of art that are functional and beautiful.