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At Lark + Palm, we design for both the client's lifestyle and the architecture of the home, focusing on creating continuity among spaces. Mixing classic and modern elements with unexpected and personal touches throughout the space delivers a look that is anything but prescribed. Our goal with each project, no matter the size, is to create a bespoke look unique to the client and the space. We love to mix unexpected colors and patterns and subtly infuse elements that speak to the client's tastes, hobbies and personality, as well as the stage of life they are in.

Equal to the emphasis of the creative process is the focus we place on the financial and organizational side of the projects we work on, both with furnishings and renovations. At Lark + Palm, we work with our clients, architects and general contractors to develop comprehensive budgets, timelines and material schedules. Having a firm grasp of the process helps our clients feel comfortable, allowing for a truly enjoyable experience. Communication and transparency are at the center of our relationships with our clients. The creative process should be an experience that makes people excited, providing an opportunity to participate as much or as little as they wish.

Achieving our goal of translating that first conversation with a client Into a space they are proud to call home is the ultimate reward.