Karen Castellanos

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    Born and raised in Long Beach, California.
    Abstract art has always captured my attention and throughout all of the paintings I’ve encountered, I’ve come to realize that it’s through emotions that we are able to connect to them. Abstract expressionism is how I base my art but at the same time I am very drawn to shapes and textures. In all of my pieces, I always try to incorporate shapes because I find that it adds some elegance and mysterious depth to any space. I always let my intuition take over when I’m painting, and most of my inspiration comes from all experiences in life such as nature, day to day life, and certain emotional experiences.
    My goal is to create abstract art that can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while also providing a sense of emotion that can resonate with the viewer.

    Follow me on Instagram: @karen_hcastellanos
    Take a peek into my painting process on Youtube: @karenhcastellanos