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Welcome to my Chairish Shop! I am a Hudson Valley fine artist painting who paints from observation, as well as, live event paintings. Light, color, nature and love are the driving forces behind my work. I strive to create a visual representation of my experiences through painting.

I hold a BFA in painting at Pratt Institute. Currently, I paint events on weekends and am a board member of the NY Orange County Arts Council and Wickham Works, a makerspace that is in development in the Hudson Valley. I also facilitate the Warwick Life Drawing Group in Sugarloaf, NY. I love living in the Hudson Valley – Warwick, NY, surrounded by the beauty of a rural landscape that includes farms, mountains and state parks just 50 miles from the George Washington Bridge.
I paint plein air as well as still life in my studio, and nudes with a drawing group. When I begin a painting in oils, I tone the surface with a mixture of turpentine and usually a warm color. Then I find my way around the surface with a brush quickly defining space by making marks. I look for pure color first and block in shapes. Creating illusion as well as the interaction and perception of color is important to me. I work quickly and intuitively. It starts with chaos. I try to feel the subject and the ways in which I am connected to it. Time of day, atmosphere, temperature, light, relationships, season…all inform a painting. This allows sensory exploration into a combination of representation and painterly abstraction. I know a piece is finished when it feels like a poem. I choose to work in oil because of the luscious qualities of this medium.