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I am an wholesaler of Antique Lighting, Art and Furnishings from Europe. Been in the business some 28 yrs. I offer Old World Style from places like France to "Funky" from areas like Barcelona and Italy. Tradition to Cubism with lots. Everything is sold in it's original state. Most lighting requires it to be rewired by you or to simply drop it off at your local lamp repair shop. You can always call a local antique shop and they can refer you. Some only need and simple adapters which can be purchased online. As a result of Covid restrictions to my importing from the EU, my lighting inventory is low until my next container coming very soon. It has pushed me to now list many of my paintings I have collected through the yearsin my European buying trips. No one was even allowed to pick through them at my warehouse and I only pulled a few each month to take to shows. You now have the opportunity to see some of the collection here in My Shop. You can find information on an artist by a simple internet search. Searching "French Cubist Painter" usually gives the best results although you certainly can try other searches. I find Germany and Italy yield similar results.