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Haus Studio is located Downtown in Aiken, SC recently voted "Best Small Town of the South" in 2019. This is probably why I was drawn here, to begin with from the overwhelming pace of Connecticut and NYC. Seven years ago I came for a visit... This visit turned into renting my house out in New Canaan, CT and renting a home here while I looked for the land to enjoy the farm I had always dreamed of. This small town with its slow pace made me anxious at first but then I started to slow down as well and with that was able to clearly see what I wanted from life. This beautiful little secret of a town filled with History of the originals of the "Winter Colony". some of them are still alive and kicking by the way. If you are into Horses, Antiques, Fine Art, Great Furniture lines and Home accessories combined with affordable Interior Design stop by or call me. 803.226.6101.
Cheers, Christina