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Hardwood Design Company is a Texas based hardwood manufacturer specializing in hardwood flooring, beams, wall cladding, stair and ceiling material. Thoughtfully sourced, locally made, and authentically crafted are processes that define us. These are not just words we use to appeal to socially conscious individuals who values sustainability, quality and craft. These words are the foundation of our company, our people, our processes, and most importantly, our products. We are not just another manufacturer that operates on the premise to create high efficiencies solely to yield low cost margins. We intentionally exist to create a discerning product for a discerning client.

At Hardwood Design Co., we source and acquire our raw materials from locally salvaged materials that would otherwise be wasted. We salvage dead standing trees killed by droughts, floods, and other natural causes, timber being cleared to make way for new development or agricultural improvement, as well as material from old structures no longer serving its intended purpose. We intentionally choose to manufacture our own products in Texas to ensure that the story behind the materials used, and our process for doing things, reveals true uniqueness.

Everything we do serves to enhance the natural beauty of our wood, not augment it. We have the utmost respect for our sourced materials, which is why we take the time to authentically craft each of our products to achieve the results we demand. Hardwood Design Co. products are scraped and finished by hand, creating a custom look that can only truly be achieved by artisans of the craft. Hardwood Design Co. is a brand that proves there is substantial value in American ingenuity, creativity, and manufacturing. A brand where all products are thoughtfully sourced, locally made, and authentically crafted.