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    Sandy is the consummate artist. Using vibrant palettes of vivid hues, her work embodies a fresh, feminine and passionate perspective. Whatever she does , she does it colorfully!
    Along with a sometime representational approach, Sandy's push and turn toward abstraction and
    non-figurative renderings signals an evolving signature style; the themes and provocative palette
    have remained constant, but she embraced a new manner of expressing them. With energetic mark
    makings and gestural flourishes of delight, she manages to keep her artistic voice fresh and full of ephemeral elements of enthusiasm and liveliness. Painting is her pulse and many of her paintings POP with
    provocative color and flirtatious.
    "Painting is not just a hobby, it is vital to my life. My palette is filled with the delicious colors of summer. The reaction to my work is joy and happiness. I wouldn't want it any other way.