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    With a base in both Bristol and London, we (Saira and Shanti) source vintage oil paintings and handcrafted decorative objects and antiques from markets and auctions around Britain and Europe in order to bring a beguiling mix of unique, eclectic, and affordable pieces to homes, collections, and interior projects.

    In the art world, so much emphasis is placed on the name behind an artwork, falsely convincing people that unless an artwork is by someone famous, it doesn’t hold much value. We’re here to argue, and prove otherwise.⁠

    Both of us have worked in the art world for over 10 years now, and while trawling markets and auctions we’ve come across so many wonderful forgotten painters with real talent, who by chance just haven’t been picked up by a high end gallery or dealer, and so don’t cost sky high prices.⁠

    When selecting pieces for the Discerning Palette collection, we base our choices not on name but on quality, subject matter, and a visual connection.⁠

    We love rambling on about art and so alongside our shop, we regularly publish tops, tricks and advice around understanding, buying, and displaying art. And no, you don’t need a background in art history, or giant walls in a giant house, that’s our promise.⁠

    We’re two very friendly ladies, who love art and making friends. If we could, we’d keep every artwork we’ve found, and go for drinks with every one of our customers. But then we’d be drowning in piles of paintings and be very broke.⁠

    As we always say, if you’re considering making your first art purchase, start with a piece that reminds you of a place, a piece of music, something you love or someone you know. You’ll keep it forever.

    The paintings in our collection are stored here in our UK office, but we ship to (almost) everywhere in the world.