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    Benjamin Johnston Design is the latest incarnation of Ben Johnston’s national and international design practice and lifestyle brand. He has spent a lifetime pursuing artistic expression as a designer, artist, teacher and tastemaker. Throughout his life, Ben has pursued various endeavors focused on bringing beauty to the world around him and enabling others to do the same.

    He is known for creating classic, yet cool spaces that are refined reflections of his clients’ personal tastes and histories. Taking inspirational cues from a variety of cultures and time periods, Ben blends new and vintage pieces to create contemporary spaces that feel curated over a lifetime. He accomplishes this tasteful mix while adhering to the classic design principles of balance and simplicity, through the use of clean lines and tailored details—timeless sensibilities he credits to his previous study and practice of architecture. Ben often utilizes tone-on-tone palettes to create a harmonious balance and then punctuates them with unexpected moments to delight and surprise. Each of his distinctive spaces operates beyond pure function to create a desired mood and ambiance, while still embodying his unmistakable sense of style.

    Today, Ben Johnston and his team bring tremendous knowledge and experience to designing extraordinary spaces - from conception to construction, from styling to decoration. The team is capable of handling projects of all scales and styles, as their process relies on the key tenets of collaboration, communication, and education. They believe that all good design begins with function, but great design requires quality and exceptional taste that can only come from experience and a finely honed instinct.