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    It was a bad century and now it’s for sale!

    An assemblage of obsolete oddities and discarded desires, BAD CENTURY seeks to produce a revelatory shopping experience of humor and elation. We hope you enjoy our mess of miscellaneous residue and, perhaps, even adopt some of our relics into a collection of your own curation. While BAD CENTURY is fundamentally a store, it is also an experiment of sorts digging into the temporality of object-hood. Our collections mingle/shift/expand as we shop and this continuous rearrangement transforms the lives of our chosen goods. While the physical form of the object may not change, its new home will recontextualize it with unknown possibility. BAD CENTURY welcomes careful and chaotic shoppers alike but encourages both to envision their role in the life of the object and contemplate the duality of ephemerality/permanence that each item maintains. We hope this exploration heightens your shopping experience and deepens your relationship to your growing collection.