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    Admiring and collecting time worn European and American treasures have been my passion for years. The travel, the thrill of the hunt, the social history, the stories of each treasure, and the people you meet on the way are what fills my soul. I now have the space and time to share these treasures and their stories with others.

    There is nothing better than holding a box, a bowl, a candlestick and to contemplate where it has been, what it has seen, and who has touched it.

    Nearly all my offerings are sourced in Europe. I spend time scouring the markets, cities and villages to select items that are unique, beautiful, with character. When you purchase a piece of authentic history, it easily complements any décor, any look, and offers soul into a space.

    I hope you enjoy my shop. You will most assuredly find something beautiful to behold and appreciate.

    Kind Regards,