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Gio Ponti

A Renaissance man who balanced careers in design, architecture, and editing, Gio Ponti took functional furniture and added "La Dolce Vita." Gio Ponti's playful pieces range from splay-legged dining tables to the Superleggera chair- a chair so light it could be lifted with a finger! Seriously impressive, but we're using all ten to snatch up anything Gio Ponti!

If it seems like you’ve seen the name Gio Ponti everywhere, emblemized on everything from espresso machines to chairs to chandeliers, and wondered how the famed Italian designer made time for it all, you’re not alone! Among the most prolific designers in history, Gio Ponti revolutionized Italian design, putting his mark on everything from Murano glass to department store furniture. All in all, Ponti partnered with over 120 companies over his lifetime, including Venini, Fontana Arte, and Cassina. Born in Milan in 1891, Ponti originally studied architecture, but quickly branched out into industrial design and consumer design after graduation. Early on Ponti was contracted by décor companies, including porcelain makers, silverware designers, and glass and lighting companies, to overhaul their product. As time went on, these commissions formed the foundation of Pont's own enterprises, including the Labirinto Group, which produced luxury furniture, as well as numerous one-off collaborations with other designers like Piero Fornasetti. Later, Ponti also designed for the Italian icon, Cassina, developing one of his most innovative and illustrious pieces for them, the Superlegga Chair. Stylistically, Gio Ponti furniture adheres to the classic principle of Italian Modernism, with aerodynamic curves offset by playful atomic details (think antennae legs on chairs and sofas and amoebic-shaped coffee tables). If there’s on thing that sets Gio Ponti furniture apart from that of his contemporaries, its Ponti’s dedication to all-out luxury. Gio Ponti chairs are frequently covered in swoon-y velvets, while Gio Ponti mirrors and lighting are crafted of the highest-quality Italian glass.