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In a world where words like “small batch” and “handmade” are all the rage, B & B Italia furniture serves as a reminder that an innovative, industrial approach doesn’t have to result in cold, soulless anything. From the pillow-like Le Bambole sofa to the sculptural UP 2000 series chair, B & B Italia furniture exudes character to the nines. Founded in 1966 by Piero Ambrogio Busnell and originally called C & B Italia due to a connection with the Cassina family, B & B Italia was driven by the idea of taking an industrial manufacturing approach to high end furniture production. By embracing new materials and construction technology, Busnell created a new segment within the luxury furniture world. Among B & B's first designs was the Coronado Sofa which Tobia Scarpa designed for the brand. A poster sofa, if you will, for B & B’s innovative approach, the Coronado Sofa split into separate parts for easy shipping and could be assembled with just two screws. Its metal, foam-encased frame also set a standard for the B & B Italia sofas and chairs to come. After the Cassina family sold their stake in the company in the early 1970s, Busnell changed the name to B & B Italia and began to ramp up the collective of designers the brand was working with. Notable designs came from Mario Bellini, who designed the Le Bambole sofa, described as an “articulated cushion” by the brand, and the SITY sofa by Antonio Citterio which featured 20 modular parts. Check out our vintage B & B Italia furniture to discover these gems, and more!