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Leather Couches & Sofas

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There’s really just nothing like sinking into a deep leather sofa after a long day. We love vintage leather sofas because while new leather sofas will usually take a while to break in, used vintage leather sofas allow you to skip that process and go straight for the comfort. They also get the special leather patina only achievable with time, making them not only physically, but also visually satisfying. High-quality leather sofas are extremely durable and pretty low maintenance, which is why they are the perfect vintage find! Vintage tufted leather sofas will give off major old-school vibes, while more streamlined designs integrate seamlessly into modern and contemporary styles. The classic tan colors are a great way to bring warmth into a room and black leather couches reflect a sense of sophistication and maturity, but if you want something a little more conspicuous, try a white or red leather couch to make a bold statement. Choose a vintage leather Chesterfield sofa as a grand centerpiece to add a sense of royalty, or a vintage Art Deco leather sofa with a more unique silhouette for a subtle tone of luxury. There’s a leather sofa for every size space too! If you have the room, opt for a large leather sectional that’ll be great not only for sitting, but napping as well. If you’re a little low on space, go for a smaller leather settee. Don’t forget to complement your leather sofa with club chairs and loungers!

Questions & Answers

Can I get free shipping on leather couches & sofas from Chairish?
Yes! Select leather couches & sofas ship for free from Chairish.
Do you carry Animal Skin leather couches & sofas
Animal Skin, Leather, and Wood are our most popular leather couches & sofas material types.
How many vintage leather couches & sofas does Chairish have in stock?
We have 2,600+ vintage leather couches & sofas in stock.
Do you carry Brown leather couches & sofas
We have leather couches & sofas in popular colors including Brown, Black, and Tan.
How much do leather couches & sofas cost?
Leather couches & sofas range in price from $80 to $50,000
Which brand has the largest assortment of leather couches & sofas at Chairish?
De sede is our most popular leather couches & sofas brand, with 260+ items in stock.