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In-the-know design devotees know that vintage Henredon sofas are a ten out of ten. That’s why we work to curate one of the internet’s most exceptional edits of Hendredon sofa designs. We carry dozens of designs, ranging from petite settees to sizable sectionals. Shop with us to discover some of the brand's most iconic styles, including their flared back sofas, tuxedo Parsons sofas, and Bombay back sofas. Explore vintage designs that have been expertly refurbished in of-the-moment fabrics, as well as authentic vintage pieces still showcasing their original finishes. We partner with thousands of vintage and modernist dealers located all over the U.S. to curate a collection of Henredon couch designs like no other. Our in-house style experts hand-select these sellers’ most extraordinary pieces and list them on Chairish for design lovers like you to discover. Our collection includes designs that would complement any living room, as well as statement designs that could easily be the jumping-off point for an entire room. So don’t waste time hopping from vintage shop to vintage shop looking for the perfect Henredon piece. Instead, head right here to Chairish where we have dozens of sofas in stock and ready to ship your way today!

6 Henredon Sofa Styles to Know

When it comes to North Carolina-made Henredon sofas, the brand is no one-trick pony, but they’re also not afraid to stick to formulas that work. When shopping for Henredon sofas you’re likely to see a few styles crop up again and again. Here are the details on some of their most iconic sofas, plus tips on how to score exactly what you’re looking for.

Henredon Tuxedo Sofas

Though tuxedo sofas date back to the 1920s, before Henredon even existed, the brand has made them one of their signature styles. In sync with most traditional tuxedo sofas, Henredon tuxedo sofas tend to be on the more boxy side with a high back and arms. Rather than detachable back cushions they frequently have tufted backs, and occasionally their backs will be rounded like a barrel rather than straight. Some Hendredon tuxedo sofas merge the typical tuxedo silhouette with a French or neoclassical-inspired frame, resulting in Henredon tuxedo sofas with exposed wood frames.

Henredon Curved Sofas

There’s something incredibly elegant about a sofa that doesn’t sit flush against a wall, a fact Henredon is well aware of given the number of curved sofas they’ve rolled off the assembly lines over the years. Henredon curved sofas are often in the Regency style, a style which was all the rage when Henredon was founded in 1945. If you are on the hunt for a curved sofa by the brand, consider expanding your search to include Henredon loveseat or settees. Henredon’s curved sofas are often shorter than the average sofa, leading them to be categorized as both loveseats and sofas.

Henredon Sectional Sofas

Henredon may not be best known for their sectionals, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth seeking out if you’re in the market for a sofa to seat a crowd. In the 1970s Henredon released the Folio 500 collection, which uncluded oversized barrel back lounge chairs as well as sectionals that looked to be constructed of several connected barrel back lounge chairs. Other sectionals from the era include L-shaped designs. Among the models you’re likely to run across? An armless slipper design and as well as one with an attached, round-end chaise. It is worth noting that Henredon sectionals run on the larger side, so if Henredon cost is of concern to you, you may want to consider more pared-down silhouettes.

Henredon Standard Mid-Century Sofas

Wondering what constitutes a Henredon standard Mid-Century sofa? Perhaps the most common of all Henredon sofas, this style consists of a simple silhouette outfitted with low, rolled arms, and amply padded seat and back cushions. Usually, these Henredon sofas are three-seaters, but they can be longer or shorter. The simple form is perfect when teamed with attention-grabbing textiles such as stripes, chintzes, toiles, and more. If you’re looking for a Henredon reupholstery candidate, these sofas may be your best bet, as they look good with virtually any fabric. While they could technically be called Henredon Lawson sofas, “Lawson” isn’t the most well-known name on the block, so be sure to add “Standard Henredon Mid-Century Sofas” or some variant to your list of key terms.

Henredon Hollywood Regency Sofas

You’re likely to notice when scrolling through listings of Henredon sofas for sale that Asian design details are common—think fluted arms, rolled backs, or wood legs that mimic Ming dresser bases. Since, as noted above, Henredon was founded in the heyday of Hollywood Regency, and Asian design elements factor heavily into Hollywood Regency design, the brand’s inclusion of Eastern details was only natural. If you’re looking for a Hendredon velvet sofa, a Hollywood Regency Henredon sofa may be your best bet, so keep that in mind as you gather your search terms.

Henredon Chippendale Sofas

Featuring a formal, upright silhouette, exposed wood legs, and a curvaceous camelback, Henredon Chippendale sofas are among some of the brand’s most elegant and formal. Since Henredon was founded long after Chippendale’s zenith, all Henredon Chippendale sofas are reproductions. That said, you’d be hard-pressed to know it with their sophisticated scrolled frames, immaculate upholstery, and artisan-grade construction. Don't just consider these pieces for use as sofas, either. Their formal silhouette makes them ideal for use as dining table benches and entry benches, too.

Questions & Answers

What are some popular henredon sofa brands?
We have henredon sofas from popular brands such as Henredon, Milo Baughman, and Jack Lenor Larsen.
Do you carry white henredon sofas?
We have henredon sofas in popular colors including white, yellow, and blue.
How many vintage henredon sofas does Chairish have in stock?
We have 30+ vintage henredon sofas in stock.
Do you carry wood henredon sofas?
Wood, fabric, and upholstery are our most popular henredon sofa material types.
What are some popular henredon sofa styles?
Popular henredon sofa styles are Mid-Century Modern, Traditional, and Contemporary.