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An Across-the-Pond import that has since made itself an American icon, the vintage Windsor chair is synonymous with rustic farmhouse living. The majority of used Windsor chairs feature sculpted seats and radiated backs reinforced with splatted spindles, but they come in a range of distinctive styles. The sack-back Windsor armchair is also known as a double Windsor, with an arched upper back construction. The comb-back Windsor armchair has a higher back, with an elegant curvy panel topping each set of spindles. Similarly, a fan-back Windsor chair is essentially the comb-back, without the armrests. Other variations include the hoop-back, the low-back, and the rod-back. Windsor chairs are constructed with wood, with seats often carved into a shallow dish or saddle shape to follow the natural contours of the body and make it more comfortable. American Windsors are often made with pine, bass, or tulip polar for the seat, and oak, ash, or hickory for the back. Throughout history, many craftsmen chose to take a number of different routes for finishes. Early British Windsor chairs were painted, while later, artists opted to use stains and polishes to highlight the natural grain of the wood. American Windsors were painted in layers, so as they became worn, they developed a unique patina that revealed the paint colors underneath. Shop our collection to decide which of these artful pieces most puts the Windsor in your sails.