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Want to deploy a decorative move that will surprise even your most design friendly peeps? We have one idea for you. Windows! Grab a couple of used windows on sale and watch your place go from casual to va-va-voom without breaking the bank! In our opinion, windows are so underrated. Until you see them in action. There are tons of different styles to choose from too, you’ll find something that fits the memo. Whether it's an Art Deco Window or Stained Glass window, a gorgeous window can take the vibe from ho-hum to all-out chic pretty quickly. Think of it as an ambient light manipulator, if you will. With sunlight, the window will create some spectacular reflections and with lamps, it will be like a pretty painting. Using antique windows is a pretty smart way to add some personality to the room. It’s a wonderful way to put a twist on a functional item that is generally taken for granted. It’s unexpected and we love an element of surprise in decor. Feeling extra festive? Accessorize your beautiful windows with a gorgeous vintage lamp. Check out Table Lamps on Chairish.

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