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Ultra-soft velvet is the couch upholstery material you never knew you needed. When styled right (which isn’t hard to do), velvet is the epitome of understated refinement. Velvet couches and sofas are an incredible way to bring in the luxe look. Velvet sofas offer a sense of traditional and modern opulence, as they have long stood the test of time. Layer a velvet sofa with cushions or sheepskins to make it even more inviting. With velvet, tones become richer and more complex as the subtle sheen reveals highlights and lowlights, giving a depth to the color unachievable by other materials. This makes it the ideal medium for bolder or more unconventional colors (can we say, hello jewel tones!). A popular color choice for velvet sofas is a classic navy blue. While it may initially seem like a strong statement color, it’s actually quite neutral on velvet, making it easy to work with and around. Velvet also looks great in tufted styles, as the sheen of the fabric will perfectly highlight the curves in the surface. Modern velvet sofa designs play with more experimental shapes that will definitely give your room a one-of-a-kind edge. Invest in a velvet Chesterfield sofa, for a more streamlined look, or get a cozy velvet armchair to add a little flair to whatever you already have. For a smaller space, a cute little velvet loveseat is perfect for snuggling and cuddling. If you’re feeling daring, kick it up a notch with crushed velvet!