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Chinese Vases

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Fresh flowers deserve an equally beautiful vessel when being put on display. That’s precisely why you should have one of these antique Chinese vases on hand for such an occasion. The Chinese style includes plenty of stylish flourishes that complement a floral bouquet. Beautiful curved shapes, bold colors and delicate detailing all contribute to a vintage Chinese vase that looks stunning in any setting. Even when you don’t have fresh flowers on hand, you’ll likely want to keep your Chinese vase on display due to its stunning beauty.

Chinese Vase Details

In this collection of Chinese vases for sale, you’ll come across a wide range of style features. But when it comes down to it, these vases are really all about the details. In authentic antique vases from China, you might see hand-painted scenes with elegant brush strokes and vivid colors. Other oriental vases might have intricate carvings on the outside, while a porcelain vase could feature a glaze with an eye-catching sheen. Gilded accents on a Chinese vase can contribute to a luxurious and regal look. Find the details that speak to you to get the perfect vintage vase for your home at Chairish.

Questions & Answers

How many vintage chinese vases does Chairish have in stock?
We have 2,700+ vintage chinese vases in stock.
Does Chairish have chinese vases on sale?
Yes! We have 720+ chinese vases on sale.
What are some popular chinese vas styles?
Popular chinese vas styles are Asian, Chinese, and Chinoiserie.
Do you carry blue chinese vases?
We have chinese vases in popular colors including blue, white, and green.
Do you carry ceramic chinese vases?
Ceramic, porcelain, and metal are our most popular chinese vas material types.