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There are no requirements to owning a vintage trunk. Want to store some tchotchkes out of sight? Great. Want something cool for a coffee table? Great. Adore a good travel motif? That’s great too. With an antique trunk, there is no much thing as a bad decorating move. Don’t believe us? There are so many ways to style an antique trunk. Let’s explore a few.

As a Trunk: You could buy a vintage trunk and use it as a trunk. No surprises there. It’s a classic decorating move. Use the trunk for storage — those roomy interiors are made exactly for this purpose. Antique trunks are made for a long life. For example, Lane Cedar chests are heirloom material and can be passed down from one generation to another with minimal wear.

As a Pet Bed: Are you one of those pet parents who wants their pet to sleep in the house? You are not alone. Open the lid of the trunk or separate it (especially, if you're worried about safety) and add some fluffy bedding (pillows, throws—the works) to create a cozy spot for your furry friend without compromising on the design aesthetics of your home.

As a Coffee Table: If you are sick of the regular coffee tables that you see at friends’ and relatives’ homes, deploy the power of vintage to jazz up your space. Using a vintage trunk as a coffee table has caught social media’s attention and this trunk is worth its weight in Instagram Likes.

As a Nightstand: Antique is the new chic. Add a touch of eccentricity (or "personality" as we call it) to your bedroom and use a small antique trunk as a nightstand. This is perfect for people with beds that are low to the ground and have the need for a night stand with a lot of space. You know, for a book, glasses, lip balm, moisturizer, face mask, a lamp, a charger, a scented candle and a couple of other essentials—hey, we aren’t judging! A vintage trunk can give you space for all that and also have lots of room inside for—you guessed it: more stuff!

As a Vanity: An antique trunk can also be a cool girl’s vanity. Think about it—a dedicated space to do your makeup that comes with a built in box to keep all the products. This is a match made in consumer heaven.

As a Bar Cart: If you have the worldview that you should repurpose and recycle old possessions, then turning a trunk into a bar cart is for you. To get started, grab an antique trunk on sale. Give it a polish and plunk a tray full of boozy bottles on top. Voila! Just like that you have a unique, one-of-a-kind bar cart. It is nothing like anything your friends have and it is environmently friendly. We like our libations without guilt. If your heart is set on a bar cart, find beautiful used bar carts on Chairish.