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You have stuff, we have storage. Cabinets, credenzas, dressers and carts. Even stylish homes have stuff they don’t want you to see, (or beautiful stuff to put on display) and this is where vintage cabinetry comes in. Vintage shelving holds books, media equipment or your Fiestaware collection. Used credenzas stash tables linens, home office supplies and also just sit around looking gorgeous. Don’t delay — store some stuff today.


Vintage storage options are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to compliment the style and size of your living space. Whether you need additional storage in the bedroom, office, or bathroom, there’s a storage option to solve it. Popular storage options include armoires, cabinets, credenzas, dresses, nightstands, trunks, and vanities. Read on for a few useful tips on which secondhand storage options are the best fit for you and your style tastes.

Whether you live in a tiny apartment with shoebox storage, or clutter just seems to find you—used storage furniture can be a major space-saver and add serious style points. However, it is important to consider all your vintage storage options before taking the plunge with any one piece. To help, we’ve outlined some of the most popular vintage storage, below.


Not just for kitchens, storage cabinets are perfect for the office, bedroom, laundry room, workshop, and living room. Usually smaller than a credenza, but larger than a nightstand, the ideal cabinet should be deep enough to store your items, but not so deep as to where items will go AWOL.


Credenzas, also referred to as dining room sideboard cupboards, are often made of burnished and polished wood. They’re perfect for serving buffet meals or providing additional storage space in the kitchen or dining room.


Also known by the alias: chest of drawers, dressers contain multiple horizontal drawers (usually sold in varieties of five, six, or seven), which are stacked on top of one another. Dressers are often used to store folded or single clothing items, such as socks, underwear, or other clothing items that are not hung in a closet. A chest of drawers is usually placed in a bedroom, but may be placed anywhere in a home where additional storage is needed.


Nightstands are a cabinet or table intended to be placed next to a bed. Nightstands are often used to store a bedside lamp, alarm clock, phone, reading materials, and that oh-so handy water carafe. Many individuals prefer to choose a nightstand that matches the style of their bed and other bedroom furniture.


Undeniably romantic in a Jane Austen kind of way, vanities are a classic addition to a bedroom. Typically coming equipped with a chair, stool, and mirror, vintage vanities range from ornate Victorian-inspired pieces to sleek, Danish Modern efficiencies. Use one as a purely get-ready space, or refashion one as a double-taking desk.


Dramatic and definitely no shrinking violet, vintage armoires are a classic storage option composed of a large, upright case. Two swinging doors conceal a hollow interior which is either lined with shelves or left open to accommodate hanging clothing. Because of its legacy, many signature styles are available to choose from, including Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XIII, Regency, Louis Philippe, Art Deco, and contemporary.

Although intended for clothing, vintage armoires can also be used to store china and linens. With correctly spaced shelving installed (and pre-drilled holes in the back), armoires can also be turned into an inspired (and discreet) media center. Some important specifics to keep in mind when using an armoire as a media center, is that television armoires generally range from three to eight feet wide, to as tall as nine feet high—depending on the specific size of the television. So be sure not to cut yourself too short.

Before purchasing a piece of storage furniture, consider which type of style will best fit the existing furniture in your home. Contemplate the type of front you’d like to see on the furniture (ornate or modern) and measure the space in the home where the furniture will be kept. Also measure doorways and any tight spaces that the furniture will need to move through when entering your home.