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Oval Picture Frames

Ever wondered why in times of yore all sentimental photo frames were oval frames? Nothing quite draws the eye like an Oval Picture Frames. Don’t believe us? Go to a store or browse photo frames online and you will see yourself drawn toward the oval frames. Maybe it’s because not many furniture items are oval-shaped, making the shape so unique that it registers strikingly. Whatever the reason, we think a vintage oval frame is absolutely gorgeous. It BRINGS the vintage vibes. Whether you playfully keep your first pet’s picture in this frame or go the traditional way and house your wedding photograph, this oval frame will be the perfect way to showcase your big moments. Want to add some more royal vibes or a dash of drama? Check out the gold oval frames. It’s classic, it’s sparkly and it looks like a million bucks. We’d keep this frame for the really REALLY precious moments. One look at the frame and everyone will know, which is the most favorite of them all. Want some frames for the bedside table? Check out the small gold picture frames. They add some glamor to your room without claiming a lot of the precious real estate. Want something large to hang your self-portrait in the entryway? There are large oval picture frames available too. Talk about making an impression! If you love all things oval (as we do!) and want to show off your love for this unique shape in a big way, check out Oval Dining Tables on Chairish.