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A decor classic, gold picture frames can elevate any space. Whether you’re looking to add a sense of classicism to a living room or elegance to a bedroom, artwork trimmed in gold frames can take on a new level of sophistication. Gold picture frames come in a myriad of styles, ranging from elaborate, gold-gilded photo frames to impressive beaded brass frames meant to encase large-scale paintings. No matter their size or style, gold picture frames will imbue any room with a feeling of richness. Beautiful as they may be in their own right, other color picture frames simply don’t bring the same sense of radiance and refinement to a space that a gold frame does. If you’re looking to embolden your design game with gold frames, chances are you’ve been inundated with options. Gold frames are plentiful, and it can be difficult to decide what best suits your needs. Is brass best in class? Are there merits to karats? To help, we’re spotlighting five types of artwork that are especially well suited for gold frames: photos, landscapes, abstracts, lithographs, and portraits. Discover a few tips and tricks for framing each in the boldest of frames—gold.


Paired with a table lamp, there are few things that make a nightstand vignette stand out like a gold photo frame. Their small size makes antique and modern gold photograph frames best for intimate spaces like bedrooms, where they can be displayed on dressers and bureaus and easily admired throughout the day. That’s not to say that vintage gold photo frames can’t be utilized in a public space like a living room or dining room, but you may want to consider opting for a larger-sized gold photo frame, or using a series of small gold photo frames to create a collection. An array of antique gold photo frames placed atop a side table or piano, for instance, can make an arresting display. If you do opt for an expansive photo frame vignette, sticking to a color (such as gold) can make for a cohesive arrangement, but feel free to branch out when it comes to style. Gold Art Deco photo frames can sync easily with gold baroque frames or gold bamboo frames, so long as they’re all similar in tone.


Landscapes, with their natural palettes of greens and brown, are perfect complements for gold picture frames, as illustrated by the world’s top museums who've opted to clad landscapes by renowned painters such as Claude Monet and Albert Bierstadt in lustrous gold frames. The fact that browns and greens have golden undertones may play into part of the appeal, as brown wood frames have a propensity for blending in with the landscapes themselves. Given that many landscapes are also painted on canvas as opposed to paper means that most will not be mounted under glass. To give canvas paintings a more seamless look, consider gold wood frames rather than gold metal frames. Visually, wood is a more similar material to canvas than metal. That said, if you have a paper landscape that will be protected with glass, a gold metal frame can look more cohesive than a gold wood frame.


Even the humblest of abstracts—think napkin doodles—can receive a big-time boost from an antique gold frame. Key to elevating an abstract artwork is locating a frame that’s neither too simple nor too ornate. Rococo frames, just a bit more refined than heavy, gold-gilded Baroque frames, are an excellent choice for abstracts, as are gold gilt beveled picture frames. Matting is also imperative to establishing a sense of sophistication, especially if your abstract is small in scale. Small art pieces can generally accommodate more matting than larger ones, so keep that in mind as you search for vintage gold frames. In the event that you do find an antique gold frame that you love, but it seems too large for the smaller-scale abstract you're looking to frame, consider supersizing the matting. As for matting color, abstracts, with their flurry of color, tend not to be the best candidates for colored mats. For most professionals, abstracts paired with white mats and antique gold frames tend to be the winning combination.


In truth, it’s easy to overlook lithographs. Similar to bookplates, most lithographs lack the deep, saturated colors we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in modern printing. Because virtually all lithographs are vintage, they tend to sport signs of aging, such as yellowing or water spots. Yet when gussied up in a vintage gold frame, these modest prints can be transformed into eye-catching art and marvelous keepsakes as well. The industrial nature of lithographs encourages the use of refined gold frames, such as simple beveled gold frames, or brushed brass frames. Because most lithographs have an aged cast, it can be wise to avoid bright white matting which can accentuate any discoloration the lithograph may have. Instead, choose colored mats. Unlike black or brown frames, gold frames create a high contrast with virtually any color, from black to burgundy to navy.


While landscapes and abstracts can be passively enjoyed, portraits tend to command attention. In addition to featuring subject matter at a close range, portraits tend to incorporate a good deal of color. For both of these reasons, a less ornate frame is recommended. Even more so than landscapes, it's common for portraits to receive no matting. For this reason, most professional framers opt for a wide gold frame when framing a portrait. Plein air picture frames, which are generally considered to be an extremely wide picture frame intended for showcasing landscapes, are often employed for portraits. The wide gold frame makes up for the lack of matting and gives the portrait a feeling of importance.

Questions & Answers

Do you carry gold gold picture frames?
We have gold picture frames in popular colors including gold, brass, and bronze.
What are some popular gold picture frame styles?
Popular gold picture frame styles are Traditional, French, and Italian.
What are the shipping options for gold picture frames?
Gold picture frames can be shipped to you, and many can be picked up locally.
Does Chairish have gold picture frames on sale?
Yes! We have 120+ gold picture frames on sale.