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Mid Century Modern Art

Art is a very subjective thing. While some might love landscapes and oil paintings, you might want something with a bit more spunk on your wall. With a splatter of colors (sometimes quite literally—we are looking at you Mr. Pollock!) Mid-Century Modern Art can be an ideal medium to express a vibrant personality. If you are looking for art that jumps out instead of one that begs for a close study, Mid-Century Modern Art is the one for you. Don’t get us wrong, by virtue of it being modern art, it is open to interpretation. You will find yourself and your guests discussing this piece of vintage modern art almost as much as your love life (if not more!). Mid-Century Modern Art is vibrant and will catch the eye from even far away. The best part about Mid-Century Modern Art? If you pick a large enough painting, it can be the focal point of your room. This is great news for someone who worries about cluttering the room with too many elements. Modern vintage art can hold its own in any room. Consider your job as a decorator done and just let the Mid-Century Modern painting shine. If you think that Mid-Century Modern art goes only with Mid-century Modern furniture, we are here to tell you that’s not true—AT ALL. The electrifying art can be gorgeously juxtaposed with Danish Modernism or blended with Boho Chic to some exquisite results. What are you waiting for?