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Across cultures, hope chests have traditionally been passed down from parents to daughters. But first, why is it called a hope chest? Historically, hope chests were associated with newly-married women and were meant to symbolize the hope in a marriage. Traditionally, the chest was meant to hold the possessions that the bride was carrying with her into the marriage, including wedding presents and other necessities that she would use in her married life. These vessels would typically be cedar hope chests, since cedar is fungi-resistant and protects fabrics. While the idea behind a hope chest has more or less faded, you can still definitely buy one on sale. If you don’t wish to turn a vintage hope chest into a gift box, there are so many other creative ways to use them. With the addition of a throw, an antique hope chest can be turned into a beautiful love seat by the window. Bonus! This love seat comes with storage. Hands down, it will be the most photographed corner of your home. Another way to redecorate a wooden hope chest is to use it as a coffee table. In addition to earning you style points, this ace accent piece will also help you keep your living room spick and span.