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If you’re looking to make your fireplace the star of your sitting room, you’re going to want a lot more than a beautiful mantel to establish a strong presence. Curating a set of vintage fireplace accessories, everything from everything from log holders to match strikers, will show a high attention to detail. The largest accessory to consider is a fireplace screen. An antique French Louis XV style fireplace screen can perfectly complement an ornately carved mantel or play up a simple marble fireplace. Traditional fire screens often appear more basic, but come in elegant silhouettes for a more subtle touch. For a wood-burning fireplace, keeping an extra log on reserve for fuel is a must. Whether you choose a firewood box or a more space efficient log holder, this detail can make a big difference in the overall look of the fireplace. A glass and chrome log holder is a great option for more minimalist aesthetics, focusing the attention on the fire itself. Of course, to maintain the fire, a set of fireplace tools is absolutely necessary as well. Use this as an opportunity to find a vintage set complete with a shovel, broom, poker, and stand to display them neatly right where you need them. One of the smallest, but most fun details to pick out is the andirons! Although they might not be as visible when the fire is burning, a set of vintage andirons or chenets can add a special touch to your fireplace. For a playful detail, choose an animal-shaped mid-century modern andirons!