Bookcases with Glass Doors

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Bookcases with Glass Doors


The easiest way to tame bookshelves that look more disarrayed than rave-worthy? Bookcases with glass doors. Whether it be a Mid-Century bookcase with glass doors, a barrister bookcase, or a secretary desk with a glass-door bookcase perched up top, nothing adds polish like a used bookcase with glass doors. A stately style that can adorn bedrooms and dining rooms just as easily as living rooms and dens, vintage bookcases with glass doors are both functional and elegant. Use a bookcase with leaded glass to buttress a fireplace in an Arts & Crafts style home. Or use a sweeping Victorian bookcase with glass doors to anchor an oversized dining room. While antique bookcases with glass doors are an obvious place to stow your treasured tomes, books are by no means the only items that can be stored in an antique bookcase with glass doors. In a kitchen, a bookcase with doors can be employed to hold glassware or entertaining pieces like silver. One can also be fashioned as a bar cabinet. Look for a bookcase with gridded or leaded glass panes to up the style quota even more. In a child’s room, a glass bookcase can be an ingenious spot to store stuffed animals, board games, or even clothing like sweaters. Bookcases with doors can lend childrens’ rooms a sophistication factor and, as a bonus, they’re the kinds of pieces that can grow with your youngster. Barrister bookcases, which are also known as lawyer’s bookcases, are glass-fronted bookcases made up of modular, stackable shelves. Today, these bookcases are often used to stow specimen collections. Consider them to show off any collection you want to display, be it heads of coral, geodes, or taxidermy. Barrister bookcases can also be used in a greenhouse, potting shed, or craft room. Use them to stow seeds in a potting shed, or to organize spools of ribbon or bolts of fabric in a craft room setting.