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Rattan Benches

Rattan benches can infuse any indoor or outdoor area with a relaxed tropical island vibe and this collection is brimming with a wide range of wicker bench styles. Browse to find a unique rattan wicker bench seat with a one person or two person seating capacity.

Indoor Rattan Bench

Give an indoor room a touch of island décor with a small rattan bench placed in a sitting area that can use a bit more liveliness. This bench style can become an extra seat in a living room, entertainment room or home office. Benches can add visual diversity among other furnishings and provide a guest with a place to sit and relax. There is also the wicker bed bench which is a bench that sits at the foot of the bed.

Outdoor Rattan Bench

Find a nice looking rattan outdoor bench for a patio or porch to create instant extra seating that also enhances the exterior of the home. You can go for a highly decorative outdoor wicker bench with a back or keep it simple with a backless modern style.