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Ideal for anyone who craves an antique bed without the squeaks and creaks that frequently accompany them, Ethan Allen beds are newly manufactured gems that mimic traditional relics to a tee. From vintage Ethan Allen sleigh beds to Ethan Allen four-poster beds, there is virtually no traditional style the brand hasn’t given a redux. But who exactly was Ethan Allen? How does Ethan Allen compare to equally storied brands like Kittinger? And are vintage Ethan Allen beds worth their lofty price tags? To help shed light on Ethan Allen beds and Ethan Allen as a brand, we’re answering some of the most frequently asked questions, below. Read on to find out more!

Who Is Ethan Allen?

Ethan Allen furniture takes its name from storied Revolutionary War soldier and frontiersman, Ethan Allen. The brand was originally founded in 1932 in New York as Baumritter Co.. For the first seven years, the founders Theodore Baumritter and Nathan Ancell primarily sold housewares. Gradually, the duo came to notice a trend. Americans, still reeling from the impacts of the Great Depression, were more inclined to invest money on large-ticket items like furniture rather than small housewares. Equipped with this knowledge, Baumritter and Ancell set out to create the brand’s first furniture collection.

In 1939 the brand unveiled its debut collection and also adopted the name Ethan Allen, a name that the founders believed played up the brand’s early Americana style. Among Ethan Allen’s early keystone collections was the Circa 1776 collection. Consisting of pieces that could be considered historical replicas, the Circa 1776 collection included pieces such as Federalist drop-leaf tables, spindle poster beds, and Windsor dining chairs. Every piece was meticulously constructed of rich golden maple wood, making it easy to mix and match pieces for a customized look.

Ethan Allen produced furnishings almost exclusively in the early Americana style until the 1970s when the brand began introducing collections in more broad-reaching styles. Today, it’s possible to find vintage Ethan Allen beds in styles like French Provincial, British Colonial, Georgian, and country. At the same time that they expanded into new styles, the company also elected to branch off into additional collection categories such as broadloom carpeting, oriental rugs, wallpaper, and draperies.


Ethan Allen Four-Poster Bed

Ethan Allen four-poster beds can be found in a variety of different styles, including Craftsman, Chippendale, and Queen Anne. Many Ethan Allen four-poster beds are crafted of dark woods such as cherry or mahogany, which lends them a refined and elegant look. Given their size, these vintage Ethan Allen beds are best suited for large bedrooms with higher than average ceilings. Worth noting is that the slimmer the posts on your bed are, the less visual space the bed will take up. Therefore, if you’re set on an Ethan Allen poster bed, but you lack the ample square footage to easily accommodate one, try looking for one with narrower posts. One without large finials capping the posts can also help.

Ethan Allen Sleigh Bed

Ethan Allen sleigh beds are available in both contemporary and antique reproduction styles, though most skew more contemporary. These beds can also be found with and without side panels. Like four-poster beds, Ethan Allen Sleigh beds tend to have an imposing silhouette which makes them a better fit for larger rooms. That said, many sleigh beds are available in twin sizes. Use these twin Ethan Allen beds to curate the look of a bunk room without actually having to go all-in on bunk beds. For those who are committed to using a larger sleigh bed in a smaller primary bedroom, opt for an Ethan Allen sleigh bed without a full-panel footboard. Some sleigh beds come with only the rolled headboard, creating a less commanding silhouette.

Ethan Allen Canopy Bed

Nothing sets a mood quite like an Ethan Allen canopy bed. Whether you’re looking for a bed on which to hang classic privacy drapes, or you simply want the architectural intrigue that a canopy bed provides, you’re likely to find a vintage Ethan Allen canopy bed that suits your needs. Over the years, Ethan Allen has produced canopy beds with both flat-top canopies and arched ones. Go all out with a custom-made lit à colonnes canopy (a fancy way to say a canopy that echoes the shape and size of the canopy bed, with or without drapes), or simply drape a bolt of fabric over a flat top canopy bed to create an understated, yet dreamy retreat.

Questions & Answers

Do you carry wood ethan allen beds?
Wood, maple, and birch are our most popular ethan allen bed material types.
What are the shipping options for ethan allen beds?
Ethan allen beds can be shipped to you, and many can be picked up locally.
What are some popular ethan allen bed brands?
We have ethan allen beds from popular brands such as Ethan Allen, Baumritter, and Kindel Furniture.
What are some popular ethan allen bed styles?
Popular ethan allen bed styles are Traditional, American, and French.