What is the difference between a corridor and a hallway?

The main difference between a corridor and a hallway is that a corridor refers to a connecting passageway between rooms in a public venue such as an office, apartment building, or hotel, while a hallway refers to a passageway between rooms in a private residence such as a house or single apartment unit. Given the difference in definition, a corridor is generally longer than a hallway and is designed to be purely utilitarian, meaning that it is less likely to possess unique character details such as molding, paneling, artwork, sconces, or pendant lighting. Compared to corridors, hallways are generally much shorter, spanning the distance of only a few rooms. Due to their abbreviated size, hallways often have more exclusive details than a corridor. Many hallways are built with an oversized width to allow for the placement of consoles, benches, or other furniture. Hallways are also more likely to have built-ins such as closets. Which is all to say, a hallway could be likened to a room much more readily than a corridor.

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January 2, 2020

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