What is a farmhouse sink?

A farmhouse sink is a spacious drop-in sink that has an exposed front panel. In contrast to a typical sink which drops into a counter on all four sides, a farmhouse sink only drops in on three sides. To this effect, a farmhouse sink is similar to an apron front sink, though apron sinks tend to be unfinished on the rim. This requires them to be dropped below the counter, while farmhouse sinks are generally finished on the rim which means they can be installed above or below the counter. Farmhouse sinks are generally made out of porcelain or stainless steel, but concrete farmhouse sinks are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the modern look they can lend to a kitchen. One drawback of a farmhouse sink is that they require custom cabinetry and countertops to be accommodated. Therefore, it is difficult to swap a farmhouse sink for a standard sink without undertaking extensive renovations.

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Lead photo by Jacqueline Marque / Photo courtesy of Sherry Shirah Design


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March 22, 2020

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